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Mental Health and Harm Reduction: Meeting Clients Where They Are

March 15 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


When working with clients, everyone has a unique path in their recovery journey. The focus of this webinar is on helping service providers support clients in every stage of change, regardless of whether they are interested in traditional mental health treatment. This approach will help service providers better partner with clients and reduce discord that often occurs when clients are not interested in traditional treatment. In addition, these strategies will help service providers better engage with clients who are high utilizers of crisis-focused services (ex: hospitals, shelters, settings within the criminal legal system), but who often do not engage with mental health programming. 

During the webinar we will explore the definition of harm reduction as an approach, and then apply this approach to common challenges experienced when working with clients. Together we will develop thoughtful open ended questions, explore possible interventions, and craft creative solutions. Ultimately, the focus is to support service providers develop additional options to offer clients to reduce the harms related to their mental health symptoms. 


Live interactive webinar 

This live webinar will be recorded and made available as an on-demand activity, typically within one week of the live event.

Learning Objectives 

Apply harm reduction approaches in conversations and interventions with clients. 

Utilize the stages of change in order to better understand where clients are at in their change process. 

Utilize harm reduction approaches when developing open ended questions in assessments and service planning. 

Target Audience 

Social Worker, Counselor, Psychologist, Physician (Non-psychiatrist), Physician Assistant, Peer Specialist/Peer Support, Pharmacist, Psychiatrist, Nurse/Nurse Practitioner