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Autism Affects Every Community

Welcome to the Autism Toolkit! We are rural community members and researchers from the Mercer University School of Medicine, working together to find solutions to the challenges associated with rural autism care.

About Autism Toolkit
Georgia Autism Center

How Does Autism Toolkit Work?

The Autism Toolkit offers users a place to discuss their needs and find solutions for better rural autism care. The Toolkit has two approaches to improving rural autism care:

Guided by Feedback

We work with rural Georgians diagnosed with autism and their loved ones to find solutions that work. The Toolkit is a partnership between community members and researchers, and we encourage our users to share solutions that have worked for their families.

Share Your Experiences

Informed by Expertise

With the help of the National Library of Medicine, the Autism Toolkit offers a wealth of answers to nearly any question users may have about autism. We review treatments, medications, and commonly held beliefs for scientific accuracy to help you make the right choices for your family.

Find Answers
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