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Loved Ones

Parents and caregivers of people with autism know that finding resources and services for their loved one can be difficult – especially if they live in a rural or medically underserved part of Georgia.

autism and loved ones

Autism Parent Support Groups

Information for Families and Caretakers

The people who care for those with autism understand the challenges of dealing with autism in a rural or underserved community:

  • Facilities and providers that offer testing and treatment are further away and often have longer wait times,
  • Finding autism-friendly dental and medical care is harder,
  • Stores that sell sensitivity-friendly items are fewer,
  • Sometimes friends and neighbors in small communities don’t understand autism.

If you are a parent or caregiver to someone with autism, the Autism Toolkit is here to help. We can help you find healthcare providers and services (such as autism testing, early intervention therapies, dentists, and doctors) in your area using our Autism Resources Map. Our library of autism topics can also help you learn more about the issues that affect you and your loved one. We have articles on topics ranging from how Individual Education Programs work and dispelling autism myths to information on finding housing for adults with autism.