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Community Stakeholders

Frustratingly for people in rural and underserved parts of Georgia, efforts to increase autism awareness usually focus on cities, so accurate information can be more difficult to find outside of these population centers. Regrettably, that means that people with autism are often misunderstood in their home communities, and efforts there to make life easier for autistic people can go astray.

autism and the community

Community Autism Resources In Georgia

Information for Community Stakeholders

A community stakeholder is someone who lives in a community and has contact with autistic people. Because the definition is so broad, the term describes many people in any given community: teachers, doctors, nurses, neighbors, dentists, camp counselors, and others can all be stakeholders in a town’s autistic population.

If you have autistic people in your life as students, patients, clients, or friends and would like to know more about ways you can make them feel more at home, you’re in the right place. Our library of autism topics has scientifically-informed materials describing what autism is, common myths, and information about how people with autism experience the world. We also have how-to guides to help healthcare providers find ways to make their autistic patients more comfortable at the doctor’s office so they can stay healthy.