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Camp Infinity

Camp Twin Lakes - Rutledge 1391 Keencheefoonee Rd, Rutledge, GA, United States

Camper Eligibility

Priority goes to campers active in FOCUS TYA Programs.
FOCUS Camper must be between the ages of 14-29 years old at the start of camp.
Willing to stay with a group at camp, adapt to group living routine, and possess they physical stamina to participate in high energy outdoor camp activities, with possible exposure to high heat.
No aggressive, inappropriate, dangerous or threatening behaviors to self or other individuals at camp.
Able to communicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ consistently to counselors at camp through words, gestures, or signs.
Be in good health and show no signs of communicable disease or have open or draining wounds.
Toilet-trained and only need assistance with toileting (transfers, hygiene, clothes, & reminders). Campers in diapers for occasional accidents can be managed, but frequent changes cannot be handled in a setting that is largely outdoors.
Have a doctor complete a Physician Release form to apply – due before camp and must be up to date on certain vaccinations.
Participate on a 1:3 support level within the cabins. 1:1 support cannot be accomplished at camp.
Final admittance decisions are based on gender, age, and application review.
Active FOCUS campers who have successfully attended Octoberfest may register for Camp Infinity.


Family Camp – Camp Twin Lakes

Camp Twin Lakes - Rutledge 1391 Keencheefoonee Rd, Rutledge, GA, United States

Many times, our kids with significant disabilities can’t attend other camps- FOCUS Family Camp is for you! Escape with your family to the fully adaptive Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia. FOCUS Family camp prioritizes inclusivity, making sure that everyone in your household is a part of the family fun!